Who is...Edward Kelly?

I am a composer, performer, engineer, developer of Pure Data software and also a teacher. I play keyboard instruments, guitar, bass, computer and anything I can lay my hands on. I wrote my PhD thesis about the experience of time passing, and how this can be influenced by compositional devices. I composed alone and in collaboration with others ten pieces of music based on theories of polyrhythm, horizontal and vertical musical time, and devised an adapted system of notation for the composition of scores in proportional notation.

I also make electronica with lush harmonies, soulful melodies, deep bass and hard electro breaks as Lone Shark on the Pyramid Transmissions label. I play live improvised electronic music using Pure Data, solo as Synchroma, and dubstep with Vacuum Science.

I teach sound design and film editing at the London College of Communication and have created software (the Speechcutter) for the CRiSAP research unit there.